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Ear-Splitting WAVVES, Ear-Nurturing Volcano Choir
August 12, 2009, 2:27 pm
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Yes, this is my first post on the enigmatic band WAVVES who fell off the face of the earth prior to their drug-induced meltdown in Spain that was touted as the end of the band. After some interviews for Stereogum and other blogs, the mystery surrounding their break seemed to be cleared up, and to be at least a reason for the band to work through their trouble and move forward. This is always good news for a band! Now, I must say, I really don’t like this Lo-Fi/No-Fi surf-y trend that’s catching on in the brooklyn hipster scene. I really think it sounds like garbage. That said, this new tune from WAVVES, for some reason, caught my ear. There’s something in the waves of fuzz that blast any speakers out of the water that just barely manages to tread the fine line between electronic and post-noise rock. In the end, the hooks are catchy, the beat is irresistable, and as the filtered vocals wend their way through the haze, harmonies and snappy chord changes compliment each other and build upon each other to create a dazed, surprisingly melodic tune.

Cool Jumper – WAVVES

On to something a little more mellow. The Bon Iver side project titled Volcano Choir has released its first single in advance of its upcoming LP, Unmap, coming out 9/22. As promised, the single features the melodic voice of Justin Vernon augmented by an electronic ensemble that creates soundscapes and corners of the musical world previously left unexplored by Vernon and Bon Iver. The new context in which his voice is featured certainly gives us a new glimpse at his marvelous vocal abilities as well as potential for what is to come on the album. Many have trepedations about Vernon venturing into the electronic world, but this new track should assuage any fears. His voice melds perfectly into the mix.

Island, IS – Volcano Choir