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Fools Gold – I Think Not!
August 21, 2009, 7:35 pm
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Hailing from LA, Fools Gold merges Afro-Pop with Western-sounding tweed guitar as if the two generes were made for each other

Hailing from LA, Fool's Gold merges Afro-Pop with Western-sounding tweed guitar as if the two generes were made for each other

I think this group is real gold! This tune here is a single off their upcoming LP that will be released in September. “Surprise Hotel” is certainly a refreshing effort. I’ve found it on the heels of all these afro-pop beats provided by The Very Best, and I must say that Fool’s Gold takes standard afro-pop harmonization and riddim and turns it into something truly unique. It bustles with the life of urban LA, but simultaneously hap-hazardly rolls through ghost towns like a tumbleweed from an old Wild West film. In the end, we arive someplace that’s part desert part African village. Grab this teaser to keep you anticipating the upcoming release in September.

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel

Luke Tops solo effort, Friends, is out now

Luke Top's solo effort, Friends, is out now

Luke Top, a member of, among other things such as Cass McCombs and Foreign Born, also dabbles in the aforementioned band Fools Gold. His solo album, Friends, is in stores now. Top, incidentally, was born in Tel Aviv and is the son of an Iraqi refugee. Like the bands he partakes in, he resides in LA. As evidenced by his past, his musical ideas are certainly eclectic.

Luke Top – Friends

Dark Flaming Lips track, fuzzy Smith Westerns album
August 20, 2009, 7:23 pm
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Embryonic, the newest offering from The Flaming Lips, is due out within the next two months

Embryonic, the newest offering from The Flaming Lips, is due out within the next two months

The upcoming Flaming Lips album, Embryonic, looms large on the horizon with its monstrous 18 track playlist. This most recent offering allows us a glimpse into its vast halls. Although the majority of the album is still shrouded in secrecy (quite a feat in this day and age!) this little piece of bait is sure to keep my mouth watering for the next month or two. The tune itself is a dark, shifting piece that throws the traditional male-female vocal duo for a loop by creating a sound intentionally un-perfected, intentionally raw, but most of all, intentionally longing. Paired with the minor, almost baroque chord progression that snakes in and out of time, the overall result is that of sheer emotional power. Have a listen over at stereogum.

The self titled debut LP is out now.

The self titled debut LP is out now.

The Smith Westerns burst into my itunes library with a rush of tweed and vintage sounding fuzz. This track features collaboration from fellow rockers Times New Viking. The simplicity and methodical thump of the floor toms complimented by the grinding of guitars on top of guitars makes for a pleasant interlude from all the non-sensical psy-surf-garage-punk floating around the internet latey. This band knows how to rock. They know how to make simple, cheerful tunes that’ll keep your head nodding and feet tapping. I’m trying my best to get my hands on their self-titled debut LP, but for now here’s Girl In Love.

The Very Best summer jams
August 18, 2009, 4:07 pm
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The Very Best are Esau Mwamwaya and production team Radioclit. You would have heard their music last year, in 2008, as their self-titled debut album received high accolades from throughout the blog network. If you didn’t hear the album, then you had to have heard the remix of MIA’s Paper Planes that was pumping out of stereo systems everywhere. You know, the one with the African Riddim bumping underneath MIA’s unmistakable vocals.

These two songs below are new tracks from this collaboration. The first has been floating around the internet for a little while, but nonetheless has been officialy released! Warm Heart Of Africa is in many ways much like the MIA remix: upbeat, a simple chord progression that is developed by vocal harmonies throughout, and most of all, tribal. It’s a great late – summer track; a breath of cool air amidst the sticky month of August. The second track, Yalira, is not as upbeat. It’s a more introspective tune that builds over the course of four minutes. Taking its cues from dubstep, it features a slow backbeat with quicker vocals going on over the top. The highlight of this song is not the beat or the rhythm, as it is in other The Very Best tunes, but is the vocal and melodic development. Both are worth checking out!

Warm Heart Of Africa – The Very Best

Yalira – The Very Best