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Please, if you can, GO SEE ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
August 17, 2009, 10:07 pm
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Heed my words of wisdom. Animal Collective are INCREDIBLE live. The show that I went to on saturday at the Prospect Park Bandshell was mindblowing. Everything from the way the stage was set up to the visual effects to the lights to the crowd to the actual music itself, thoroughly floored me. A concert that’s still got me going the next day is the kind of experience you look for out of any live act. Sadly, not all deliver. Animal Collective, though, does.

From start to finish. from a 20 minute Fireworks to a 15 minute In The Flowers, the band had me thoroughly engrossed for the 2 hour set. I was all the way up at the front, so the sound wasn’t the best, but the stage, which was apparantly designed specifically for the CElebrate Brooklyn shows, added so much to the show. There were tiki men, there were moving cardboard waves, there were all sorts of gimmicks.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the show was how the band was able to move from a-tonal highs to spaced-out psychadelic lows, and not only flow between them smoothly but also bring the audience along with them.For example, the medly from In The Flowers into Lablakey, and then out of that into Slippi was a perfect example. My favorite song of the night, though, was a Panda Bear tune they whipped out in the encore: Comfy In Nautica. It’s such an amazing tune.

I got to the show in time to see Dam Funk, one of the two openers, who happened to be pretty neat. He’s a DJ who claims to bridge east and west. He plays a whole bunch of 70’s and 80’s style funk music. A lot of it’s coming out of the UK (props, England), and although the crowd was really just waiting with baited breath for Animal Collective, they were sorta digging his music, which was nice to see. Then again, who DOESN’T dig funk?