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Countrysides and Cities
August 4, 2009, 7:47 pm
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Although the title of this post may be confusing, I’m going to throw up two artists today, one for each end of the spectrum.

We’ll start with the countryside. Paul North, who works under the name Sunnybrook, just put out an EP titled Water Me Glow, which I recommend you pick up if you have the chance. I’m posting two of the better (and widely received) tracks from the new EP. The lo-fi sound is completed by claps for percussion, and puts the listener into a mountain-filled skyline. The ever-present reverb and folksy instrumentation creates a sound that is immediatly recognizable, yet somehow revitalized by backing electronic melody lines and percussion that never once dares to cross into the bass range, yet adds a shimmering tonality that gives the music an ethereal feeling. The entire thing feels as though it could be easily reproduced at a drum circle around a campfire that is heard from across the valley. Only at the ends of the two tunes do they feel trite; North chooses to end both with a somewhat typical de-tuning of the track as if an old tape deck had lost its gusto. Something about their music, though, does remind me of bands like Explosions and Sigur Ros that are able to conjure swelling textures with their music. This band definitely culls from that line of musical thought.

Waving Hands – Sunnybrook
Tiger Bite – Sunnybrook

Now for the urban! Some of you may know the artist Oh No from his 2007, Dr. No’s Oxperiment (Turkish & Lebanese Psyche samples). Now, he’s set to follow that album up with Dr. No’s Ethiopium – all Ethiopian samples. As this title suggests, all of the stuff sampled on the album is Ethiopian. It’s a fantastic mixx, absolutely hip hop oriented. It takes its cues from experimental producers and DJ’s such as Flying Lotus. Oh No is able to take sounds that were once ordinary and then splice and arrange them into kind of crazy hip-hop influenced beats. Definitely an interesting listen. The album drops in August exclusively on

Here’s an 8 minute sample from the album. Enjoy!