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New is not always better (but sometimes, it is!)
August 5, 2009, 6:35 pm
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So, as some of you may know, Muse is coming out with a new album fairly soon titled The Resistance. One positive to take from their new single that the released is that they’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately. The negative is that, well, it doesn’t exactly produce stuff that sounds original. The only thing really original in this tune is Belamy’s operatic voice that still retains its high-pitched drawl. Then again, that, too, manages to feel trite in this new tune. Imagine a poor combination of Queen, Blondie, and the Battles song Atlas. Toss into the mix a pinch of typical Muse chord progression and song development, and you’ve got yourself one giant redundancy. Of course, as soon as I go to post this the video that I was going to embed got snagged off of Youtube. Alas, you will just have to take my word for it. The tune is called “Uprising;” check all the usual media outlets for it and if you get a tip, please let me know.

Destroyer, arguably the best part of The New Pornographers, has put out a new, 12 minute ambient piece ahead of his Bay Of Pigs EP. This track, “Bay Of Pigs,” indeed fits the qualification of epic. It takes up all of side A on the EP, and begins with a synth-y soundscape that gently carries the music from a very grounded place to a space in between a trip and a late night/early morning drunken landscape. It almost feels, for a moment, as though the drunkard appears from within his fog, only to retreat within himself again. Lyrically, the song is very powerful as well as philosophical. From the ebb and flow of life to scoffing at love as merely political, Bejar creates an intriquitely spun web of stories and ideas. For me, perhaps the most powerful line of the song that speaks for itself is, “Magnolia’s a girl, her heart’s made of wood / as apocalypses go that’s pretty good — sha la la — wouldn’t you say?” The tune then drops into something like David Bowie or David Byrne crossed with Pink Floyd; a beautiful mix indeed. Check it out on Stereogum. Also, be sure to grab the EP on 8/18.

So there you have it. The Ying and the Yang; The Good and the Bad. Enjoy!

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