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ABBA + David Byrne = Music Go Music
August 1, 2009, 4:13 am
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Maybe its just these two tracks, but I feel like the title is an apt description for the band Music Go Music, who are set to release their LP Expressions on October 6. The first tune, Light Of Love, is a cliched song about heartbreak, whose lyrics don’t say very much but serve as mere placeholders so the melody can happen over them. Interestingly enough, like ABBA before them, MGM (haha!) are able to lay down some pretty catchy choruses, complete with “la, la, la”‘s in the background, a quote straight from the Swedish supergroup. The second song here, Warm In The Shadows, is a throwback to the New Wave scene in New York that takes its cues from one of the greatest, David Byrne. Like the Talking Heads before them, Music Go Music dares with up-tempo dance beats and extended synth-jams that could be taken from any one of the live shows of the 80’s New Wave bands that could turn a song into an extended jam live. Warm In The Shadows could also be treated as an odyssey of sound, something that David Byrne would, I’m sure, approve of. There is something inheritly experimental about this tune. Where it goes is someplace deep within the spectrum of sound, a place accessed by bands like Emerson Lake and Palmer and King Crimson before them. Intriguing proposition, mixing Byrne and this degree of experimentation. It’s certainly for the accepting and open-eared listener.

Light Of Love – Music Go Music

Warm In The Shadows – Music Go Music


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