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Psychadelia…in a garage?
July 29, 2009, 5:19 pm
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First, sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been busy, and it seems as though there is a slight late-summer lull…most of the albums that are summer bangers have made their way onto the market, and now we’re just biding our time until the early fall/fall releases come to fruition.

To follow up on an old post, I do have the Dodos new album, and I do advise all of you to follow that link to the site. Just…after watching their video I feel so bad about putting it up that I dont think I can. Also, if I remember correctly, the digital version is out already or if not will be out soon. In the end I’ll probably throw it up here by the end of August with my thoughts on it.

Now, for the topic at hand. Crystal Antlers recently put out an album and are on tour to support it. This track is one I thought I’d share. I had been a fan of theirs in the past, and have the EP that came out prior to the release. I must admit, this new tune is different from that EP. It’s called Tentacles, and represents a step forward for the band, I think, in a couple of respects. First, it incorperates elements of the more blatant psychadelia that was blatantly plastered all over their previous tunes, but augments it with an air of desperation and urgency. The singer and the band that follows behind him are pushing for more, for faster, and they end up in a place thats a finely atuned mix of a lo-fi garage band and a group thats still stuck in the late 60’s. Interestingly enough, there are moments in this quick song that allow glimpses into their musical influences, most blatantly: King Crimson. There is a guitar hook right before one of the noise-y breakdowns that’s a lick stolen straight from 21st Century Schitzoid Man. I’ll add this classic tune below the Crystal Antlers song. You can try to hear for yourselves exactly where this lick is from……Also, you’ll instantly be able to hear how much King Crimson influenced the music of this band.

Crystal Antlers – Tentacles

KIng Crimson – 21st Century Schitzoid Man


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