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New Atlas Sound; Pictureplane
July 17, 2009, 5:59 pm
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Atlas Sound has released this new tune, which, if it points to the album in the works, could lead to a fantastic LP which is expected to be called Logos and released at some point in the near future. This LP is not to be confused to the hack that spread around the internet earlier this year. That, according to outside websites and Bradford Cox himself, was a very rough draft. This, on the other hand, is anything but. It’s a very polished piece that begins with elements of early 60’s surf rock accented by airy, filtered drums. Eventually, the piece breaks down into a looped odyssey of one vocal line built on top of the remnants of the last one until the piece builds a wall of enveloping echo-y sound that inevitably fades into the distance. Check it out.

Walkabout – Atlas Sound

Pictureplane has been making some noise recently around them interwebs and this is one of his tracks. I’ve actually only heard one other piece of his, called Transparent Now over on Stereogum. Check that track out here. The guy’s got a fantastic summer vibe to his work. It’s synthy, it’s 80’s, and it’s everything you’d expect a breaking indie electronic artist to be. Shrouded vocals with hints of light amidst the spliced chords and filtered beats, this track below, Goth Star, is a track thats as easily thrown into a car as into the background of a smoky college dorm room.

Goth Star – Pictureplane


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