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Fruit Bats, Choir OF Young Believers, Readers!
July 16, 2009, 6:49 pm
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First, I’d like to point out that I added an app that allows me to track how many people visit my site. Turns out people actually read this thing! Thats kind of neat. Shout from New York to the reader from Melbourne, the reader from Seattle, and reader/readers from Copenhagen. Not to belittle the readers from the east coast, just, Seattle, Melbourne, and Copenhagen are kind of a long way away. A big thanks to you guys as well as a welcome to anybody else who chances upon this page.

On to some content. New music from Fruit Bats, the side-project of Eric Johnson of The Shins. These two tunes are about as close to a middle ground between Fleet Foxes and The Allman Brothers as you will ever find. Theyre complete with backing vocals and intricuite harmonies that ring out amidst woody forests, but find themselves immersed in Dicky Betts-esque riffs that bring the mind back to the beginning of the southern rock era. In this band, the flame of true rock burns on into the era of electronica and spliced chords. Amen.

My Unusual Friend

The Ruminant Band

Choir Of Young Believers, led by Danish songwriter Jannis Joya Makrigiannis, put these two tunes out for your listening pleasure. The band is, unlike the aforementioned group, not about reverting to the roots of rock, but rather about climactic songwriting. The tunes offer soundscapes that slowly build to a peak that is ultimately satisfying and at the same time very flushed out, in that they make sure to take the listener along for the ride. The songs also span genres, with an acoustic guitar and tinny piano setting the stage for bold and simultaneously sparse drum beats to fill the void, often with intriguing chord changes and unusual percussion instruments.

Action Reaction

Next Summer


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