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Blue Roses
July 2, 2009, 2:45 pm
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Blue Roses is both an up and coming artist as well as the pseudonym of Laura Groves of Yorkshire. The comparisons with other female singers such as Feist, Bat For Lashes, or St. Vincent are instantly understood, but Groves’ voice has a timbre of classical training and a subtle vibrato that evokes an image of a tree shivering in the cool summer breeze as opposed to the affected, now generic tone of the aforementioned artists that has been perfected by M83. She seperates herself from the pack with her other-worldly range, spanning octaves in leaps of thirds and fifths reminicent of something out of a Debussy suite.

Musically, her ideas are a peerless blend of harmonized folk and artfully taylored synthesized indie, with a spash of the french countryside thrown in. Her tune “I Am Leaving” is a perfect example of this mixture with its finger-picked guitar chords complimented by timely synthesizer melodies, background acordion over the chorus, and an airy glockenspeil reminiscent of groups like The Arcade Fire, all topped off with vocal harmonies that brings the musical line to a shimmering eminence. Her music conjures images of a sprawling summer meadow speckled with colorful blooming flowers, coated with humming insects and bathed in warm sunshine. All this while managing to remain slightly ethereal, creating a music that ebbs and flows like the emerald tides of English seas.

Her forthcoming self-titled album hits shelves 7/21.

UPDATE: Tracks Posted

I Am Leaving – Blue Roses

Doubtful Comforts – Blue Roses


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