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Explosions In The Sky
July 1, 2009, 2:56 pm
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Happy July everybody. Last night, I went to Explosions In The Sky with a whole group of friends from different places and time periods of my life, which was an interesting enough experience in and of itself. Be that as it may, the show itself was stellar. I might be biased because I have a giant man crush on the band, but I thought the concert was fantastic. To my knowledge, last night’s show was the first in a while for the band, and it definitely showed. They were having occasional technical problems with one of the guitarists, and the transitions between songs that were not on the same album back to back did not sound the least bit natural; the band would simply take something, loop it, and then wait a second to figure out what they wanted to go into, and then make an abrupt change to find themselves in their new tune. Generally, though, once they made it into the main riff of the song, regardless how many hiccups were had along the way the band made me feel why I love them so much. Indeed, at the end of the show, one of the guitarists commented, “The train kind of de-railed a few times there, but I guess that’s how love is.” When the train was on the tracks, the love was indeed in the air. There is nothing better than music that makes you feel the love pouring into the instrument, and at times I genuinely felt that.

Obvious highlights from the show were First Breath After Coma, Your Hand In Mine, The Only Moment We Were Alone, which was the final tune of the night – and what a great way to end the show, and finally (the best tune of the night, in my mind) The Birth and Death of the Day. When they rifled through the uptempo midpoint of The Birth and Death of the Day, there was no holding anybody back. There was as raw emotion on the stage as there was in the audience. I, personally, got the shivers down my back that truly emotive music can give me as parts of the audience started thrashing and jumping – relatively peacefully mind you, this is explosions – and the band on stage was as into the music as they were all night. The drummer was going wild on the cymbals and it looked as though the frontmen could hardly control their own bodies. These four tunes made me feel alive in a way that only Explosions can. If you are familiar with their music, I’m sure you know the feeling. Sadly, though, when the train was off the rails you could see the band visibly frustrated. At points, I could feel the band building and building, only to let me down without an emotional climax. You wish, at certain points, that the band would see their music through its natural orgasmic (someone shouted during the show, “Explosions In My Pants!”) conclusion. Be that as it may, when the band does see their songs through, there is nothing better than the feeling you get at the moment the songs hit their peak. They accomplished that feeling live, and the experience of being in the audience and seeing them play their music with such care only magnified it. I can understand why some people have cried at their shows, or refer to them as religious experiences, feats usually reserved for Radiohead. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night. If you can see this band, please do. They are awesome.


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