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New Fleet Foxes Tune, Megafaun, and Other Happy News
June 29, 2009, 12:04 am
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You must be just excited as I was to hear that Fleet Foxes performed a new song live at the BBC. Not only is it exciting to hear a new song, but from the Fleet Foxes, it’s fantastic. The song isn’t bad, not their best work, but the band is absolutely sticking to the woodsy, reverby, vocals that lead to such critical acclaim on their previous album and EP. Noticibly missing, however, were vocal harmonies. Perhaps it was a solo performance and I wasn’t privy to that fact. Either way, it retains the charm of the band that I fell in love with. The title is called Blue Spotted Tail, and I’d say it’s worth your time to check it out.

Blue Spotted Tail – Fleet Foxes

Next up is a band I just discovered called Megafaun. Their first album, Bury The Square, was a refreshing mix of old folksy melodies and harmonies that call to mind the days of Crosby Stills and Nash, spliced between ambient space-outs and exploration into the depths of sound. My kind of music! The bands next offering is out on 7/21 courtesy of Hometapes, and it will be titled Gather, Form, & Fly. I have a tune off their new album titled Kaufman’s Ballad. Based on hearing this perticular song, It would seem that the trio has shed some of their experimentation for a sounds reminicent to fleet foxes (ironically enough). However, the music remains uniquely their own. No other band I have ever heard has been able to make a boom chick backing beat with a tambourine that is ordinarily so cliche so fitting to its immediate task at hand. As the song progresses, the band adds more sounds to the beat, and a windy cymbal roll fills the background as a banjo plucks away underneath the three part harmonies. Adding to the mix is a fiddle strumming harmonics that sound processed and out of place in a generic folk tune, but adds a somewhat mysterious, mystical element to the music that makes it all the more appealing. Just the right touch of unique, with a dash of antiquated, and a drizzle of finely aged folk makes this tune immediate listening.

Kaufman’s Ballad – Megafaun

Good news all around! To start, we have fantastic news from of Canadian favorites Arcade Fire. The band has confirmed that work on a new album has begun after their three year hiatus. Yay! French band Air is set to release a new album, titled Love 2, to be released 10/6. And for those of you who don’t know, Wilco’s new album Wilco (The Album) is set to be released tuesday. Cheers for now!

Old news for those of you who scour pitchfork more avidly than I, but as of this afternoon, it appears that Spoon will be releasing a new EP this tuesday. Three tracks, and it’s going to be called Got Nuffin. Word.


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Love the new Fleet Foxes song. I don't see what Pecknold was saying about the band changing its sound though…

Comment by Bird Brain

The sound is slightly different, I think, in that the absence of the ubiquitous vocal harmonies is immediatly noticeable. On the other hand, the song-writing and melody making that have gotten the band to where they are is still intact. It will be interesting to see if that subtle difference remains or the band reverts to its old methodology. The woodsy analogy that they kept on recieving I don't think applies as much to this track as it has to their past work. Subtlties, nothing major.

Comment by the trumpeter

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