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Dumping Knowledge Upon Thee
June 18, 2009, 5:04 pm
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So, in this post, I decided to finally dispose of the contents labeled “fresh indie” in my itunes library upon you (and by you I mean bastille, my lone compadre.) So, here comes a list of tunes that I kind of enjoy, some more than others, from artists that you may or may not have heard of. If you have these, I’m glad we share the same taste. If not, well, let me know what you think.

Permanent Scar – O+S
This one is an interesting song. If you dig female vocals in the vein of School of Seven Bells, Bat For Lashes, or even some M83 and Knife, you might like this artist/song. Now, the artists I mentioned were mostly electronic musicians, but O+S employs crunchy guitar riffs and reverby piano behind the female voice harmonized in 5ths for the majority of the time. Personally, I find this tune intersting for the whats going on behind the vocals, not the lead line, which feels like it’s been done before so much better by the aforementioned artists.

Vinur Minn (Rough Mix) – Ólöf Arnalds
This song makes me feel like I’m in some eastern european countryside around the turn of the century. Complete with despondent melodies and a chanting chorus of singers, this song builds on one melody from start to finish. It’s the kind of song that starts and ends with one singer, but swells and soon after ebbs. The climax is quite, well, climactic, with violins and french horns accompanying the ever-expanding chorus. It’s a quickie, but one that’s sure to stick with you. The simplicity makes it even easier to get stuck in your head.

No Reasons – VEGA
YAY SUMMER HIPSTER JAM! That’s what this song is destined to be. If YOU see yourself hopping through the streets of Williamsburg on a sweaty summer afternoon, then this tune is for you. If not, pop this into your car and turn the speakers up, loud. It’s sure to be a great night-starter. It takes its cues from other electronic artists such as Passion Pit, but adds a dancier spin to the mix. Definitely something along the lines of what is found over on my brother’s blog, Apes With Barrels. Hit this link up of this type of music interests you.

Sock You In The Face With Love – The XYZ Affair
Noone That You Love Will Ever Die – The XYZ Affair
These two songs come from the band XYZ Affair, which is a little poppier than the rest of the stuff that I’ve posted. It’s straight forward, melodic, rock, with an indie spin. They were definitely on repeat for a while with me, and both come complete with catchy vocal harmonic choruses, rim hits and tuned down floor toms, intriquite reverby guitar strumming in the background, and spacey vibraphones to add that extra-special ambiance, that at times blossoms into a listenable noise. (If you can call the noise made by these bands noise at all…you want noise? listen to some Bitches Brew.) The way the band plays with dynamics is indeed interesting. In Sock You In The Face With Love, the band does a great job at building from a distinctly empty verse into a distinctly full, swirling, harmonic chorus. It’s quite the tune. This band has the potential to draw a lot of crossover praise, as they are able to take elements of generic sounding indie pop and make it unique, yet still appeal to a large amount of people.

It Gets Your Body Movin’ – Suckers
Alright, call it a complete rip off of the Polyphonic Spree if you will, but I feel like these guys are able to make things a little less repetitive for those who don’t enjoy listening to the same melody augmented for 10 minutes. Suckers are able to use this melodic climax as just that, a peak when the song rips wide open into a melody that you feel should be repeated over and over because each time you hear it you cant help but nod along, and slowly move into pulsating along, as opposed to a melodic climax that IS the song. Big difference. It does indeed get your body movin.

Apply – Glasser
For those Knife fans out there, for those tribal-loving fans, this one’s for you. It makes me feel like, at first, I’m in some forest canyon. Between the lead singer’s hiccups that even sound tribal to the consistent use of echo effect on the vocals and bongos in the background, it’s not until the thick synth line establishes itself that we realize that we’re still here. Can totally see a remix of this being done. Sadly, the other tune I have by this artist is not of the same caliber as this one. I find this tune pallatable, but the other one I have is hard to listen to. Who knows if these guys will make it. In any event this is a very interesting song to check out. BY the time the ending rolls around, it winds up sounding very pretty.

Mind – The Milk & Honey Band
A nice acoustic tune, this song comes complete with the foresty vocals you would expect out of any band post – Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver that is kind of in that genre. However, these guys are able to take the tempo up a little bit with a pleasant boom-chick drumbeat that manages to sound original despite its notoriety. At points, it can sound done-before, but theres something about the tonality of the lead singers voice that definitely turns me on to this group. I’ll keep my eyes on them.

Papercuts Remix – Ruby Suns
Ruby Suns; awesome band, expect a post on just them coming up soon. This peticular song is not as in their vein as their original material, but this remix does happen to be a stunning soundscape. From start to finish, it manages to keep the listener captivated. Although this is a remix, I feel like it could be mixed again, as out of place as that might be. It’s about as hipster-electronic as it gets, although the way its done doesn’t make it feel forced or trying to be anything its not. While listening to this one, you really feel that everything done is really right and adds to the original, as well as the continuously expanding grandoise remix.

While We Were Dreaming – Pink Mountaintops
So I gave you a song to begin the night with, and here’s one to end it with. This slow song makes me think Band of Horses with female vocals. And that’s indeed what it may be, but these guys tend to keep it more on the mellow side as opposed to the often explosive combination of BoH. This tune explodes in a much more laid back kind of way. Instead of reaching to greater heights, it dips to lower lows by adding a deep synth and booming bass drum when appropriate. Just that simple addittion makes the song really take off at points, which says something to the musicianship of the band, or producers, for that matter. The simple escalation and drive added to the melody is something not found in a lot of bands today, and I think it’s neat that someone still has the presence of mind to do it.

The Arms Of Spirits – Vuk
You want to talk epic, this song is it. I believe that this is one of the singers from the Polyphonic Spree doing some solo work. Either way, I approve, HIGHLY. This could be the best song from the entire post. It is able to encorperate some very cool chordal twists and turns, as well as deeply unsettling harmonies. This song is truly able to move me. At times, I wonder how the fuck the stuff she does even works. But it does, somehow. And it never feels forced. From the dizzying beat set by pulsing 8th note “bum bum bum bum” vocal chords to the deep floor toms that are reminicent of some early animal collective. And whats even better is that, just when you think the song is over, it keeps going! She has some really cool orchestrations and instrumentations that even pulls someone like Sufjan Stevens into the mix. What an incredible tune. This one is definitely worth your time.


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