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Passion Pit – Manners
June 3, 2009, 1:26 am
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Well, this post is very delayed, but I just got my hands on this album recently, and I have to say, not bad. As a follow up to the widely received EP, it is able to one-up Chunk of Change, amazingly. One caveat: The front half is much stronger than the latter half. By the time the last coupe of tunes are over, it begins to sound like washed out indie-pop. But for the first 8 songs or so, the album managed to produce monster hook after monster hook, something I can’t help but bob my head along to and instantly love.

The opening of Manners had me fooled for a minute. The way it opens, I thought it was going to be a straight up rock album, which had me shocked, until the beat dropped and the backing vocals kicked in. Some highlights: “Little Secrets.” Already hearing this tune on the radio all over the place, and the verse hook is oddly reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel’s “King of Carrot Flowers,” but the chorus quickly fills in with its other-worldly children singers in the background. This song is definitely destined to be an arena-rocking banger, complete with the lull, build up, and drop into chorus. “Moth’s Wings” gives the listener a chance to sit down and listen before “The Reeling” hits hard. The opening of the tune takes its cues from some more experimental hip hop producers, but by the time the beat drops, the listener finds themselves enveloped within another classic electronic hook, backed by drums that remind me of m83’s old days, songs like “Teen Angst,” with those distinctive drums before the drop. The chorus of “The Reeling,” however, is destined to be heard in many an electronic producer’s remix, many a car’s radio, and many a college dorm’s speaker system. It’s just too catchy and irresistable to avoid. It’s that simple. That song is going to be a giant hit. “Eyes As Candles” offers a downtempo break from the constant uptempo “Reeling,” but absolutely does not break from the formula of giant hook after giant hook. The simplicity is astounding, but it works, every single time. The following tunes offer more of a soundscape, really allowing the listener to sit back and listen to the reverby synths that drop into something resembling you would hear over on Apes With Barrels! By the time the familiar “Sleepyhead” rolls around, however, the band seems to have exhausted their bag of tricks, and the album peeters out on “Seaweed Song.”

On the whole, excelent job. I can see multiple songs coming out of this album and becoming smash hits across the range of music. Hopefully they come back to wes!


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It's definitely a good album, but its SO overproduced, and so fucking happy (thats the only word I can really use to describe it). My favorite track was Folds In Your Hands, personally. But I had also heard Sleepyhead and The Reeling well before the release. But it's also the most electro friendly track.

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