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Grizzly Bear LIVE!!!
May 31, 2009, 6:54 pm
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So, the review you’ve all been waiting for. Thursday night, the beast king and I had the pleasure of attending Grizzly Bear at Town Hall. The first thing about the concert was that, well, it was just that. a Concert. NOT a show as I was expecting. The venue was assigned seating, and I felt like I could have been going to see a performance of a Drama, not a rock concert. However, true to form, Grizzly Bear filled the stage with everything from bass clarinets and lights dangling in jars to the Brooklyn Youth Choir, and lived up to the performance space. What a performance they gave!

Going into the concert I had heard many things about the band; some told me that the lead singer only cared about his appearance on stage, and others raved about their harmonies. Well, I have to say that if anything the latter review would be more accurate. The band really has two frontmen and two backing men on stage, or at least that’s how it appeared. Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen, the two most prominent singers, are generally the songwriting powers of the band, and it showed.

Indeed, they all proved their musicianship, and the beast king even commented that it appeared as though they could all have their own solo projects. Indeed they do! From The Department of Eagles to minglings with Beirut, multiple members of the band have toyed around with outside engagements and have created sounds uniquely their own. Grizzly Bear is still my favorite combination.

The performance was more of a Grizzly Bear concert as opposed to a Veckatimest showcase, which appealed to me. They pulled out songs from Horn of Plenty, Friend, Yellow House, and their most recent undertaking. It was fantastic because I was going into the show thinking it was a tour supporting their new album. In fact, it was a tour to go see Grizzly Bear play a well ordered assortment of their own arrangements. And they played them well. Even the difficult harmonies on their newer tunes that seemed doctored in the studio were executed live with mastery, albeit with help from the youth choir, who, incidentally, are the recorded female vocals on Veckatimest.

The climax of the show, for me, was “I Live With You” > “Foreground”. This powerful duo of tunes is impecable even on the record, but live it was even more impressive. With the chorus returning for the second time and adding its unmistakable upper register, the band entered into the head-banging chorus of “I Live With You.” It was at this point you could feel the band really straining and the audience seemed to be moving as one in their seats, studying the band from afar. Of course, Foreground is the haunting conclusion to the album, and haunting it was indeed. Droste’s deep tenor had me pealed to my seat unable to do anything else but marvel at him. IT was quite the conclusion to a night of fantastically executed music and, among other things, intellectual spectation from the tight-jeaned, plaid claid audience.


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