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Louis La Roche – The Peach EP
March 25, 2009, 5:54 pm
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I love French House.  French House is amazing.  I could talk for hours, hell, days about how much I fucking love French House.  I’ve even contributed to the wiki on it.  While most French House artists have moved on to a more synthy, electro house sort of sound (i.e. Fred Falke), Louis La Roche has burst onto the scene with a very fresh revivalist style.  He maintains the classic disco/filter house approach while adding a good deal of sidechaining and other tweaks that just make his material so dancey and fresh sounding.  He’s one of the most exciting producers in dance music right now and a person that everyone should be keeping their eyes on.  He’s also under 20 years old, like 18 or 19, I forget.  And he’s British.  Boy are those Brits doing well for themselves in dance music right now.  Anyways, here’s his first release, and I highly recommend scourging Hypem for his remixes and remixes of him.  Some good other artists that are reviving French House are The Phantom’s Revenge and Sidechains.  You can grab some Sidechains HERE if you’re interested.

The Peach EP – Louis La Roche
P.S. puts Sidechains under related artists to Bastille.  Awesome!  The other artists it puts are all metal, though…

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