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Decemberists – The Hazards Of Love
March 20, 2009, 3:44 am
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YAY A NEW DECEMBERISTS ALBUM! Now…is it good? Well, I’d say I approve. It is still distinctly The Decemberists. Colin’s voice adds an antiquated tinge to anything…although the harpsichord in places definitely helps. The new album has a darker tinge to it than past albums, lyrically and musically. As much as the past albums were folk crossed with indie, The Hazards Of Love is definitely a rock album, although the band has labeled it a “folk-opera.” There are parts, suprisingly enough, that remind me of Black Mountain, which is a comparison I thought I’d never make, ever. That being said, it still works. The band has a way with chord progressions that never ceases to astound me, and are able to switch moods in an instant. The album almost seems bi-polar at times, with a slow harpsichord playing and Colin’s vocals soaring, and all of a sudden it dives into a distorted heavy guitar riff and female vocals shouting above the roar. The album ends with a beautiful steel guitar solo over the top of a glistening tune, which is another insturmentation that I would have never expected, but hey, they keep suprising me. In the end, though, as said above, it is distinctly The Decemberists. No other band could have made this music, but in comparison to their past work, it is a slightly new direction. I’d say at least give it a listen. They debuted the album live at SXSW festival in Texas…NPR has a live recording here for your auditory pleasure. They can fucking play a life show, can’t wait to see them myself.

And for my darling Bastille, or any of you torrent-ers out there…….


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Plugged a link to this article, by the way.

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