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Benny Benassi – The Italian Stallion
March 11, 2009, 4:06 am
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Benny Benassi, most known for his hit, Satisfaction, actually released another album which overall kicks the shit out of his earlier work.  It doesn’t utilize the mac voice like most songs from Hypnotica, but rather a similar, somewhat indescribable sound in every song, but I’ll try my best to describe it now:  pulsing, side chained, massive electro synths, mostly sawtooths, over a heavy, pounding bass drum with common use of double octaves and catchy, reptitive lines (sounds like every other techno song, don’t it).  Although his songs don’t contain the distortion that many other electro house artists swear by, he still stands up as one of the champions and definitions of the genre.  The new album, Rock N Rave, is packed full of massive tunes all with this ‘sound’ and are assured bombs for pre games, dance parties, clubs, and raves.  Live, the man can predict his crowd to a tee.  Here’s his latest album (I especially recommend the songs My Body, I Am Not Drunk, Come Fly Away, and Bring The Noise (Pumpkin Remix)):

Rock N Rave Part 1 – Benny Benassi
Rock N Rave Part 2 – Benny Benassi

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